PITTSBURGH — Lumidize®, a paint and powder coat pretreatment that replaces many traditional phosphates, chromates and primers, is now a registered trademark of LumiShield Technologies, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

LumiShield is a “skunkworks” project-turned-spinoff from Carnegie Mellon and the National Energy Technology Laboratory. Founded in 2014, LumiShield's single focus has been to develop and evolve an aluminum electroplating process that can effectively displace less sustainable (and often more costly) pretreatment options that are based on heavy metals, phosphates and other environmentally problematic materials. 

According to LumiShield President David Luebke, "Securing the registered trademark is just the next step in formalizing what we bring to the marketplace in terms of effective, long-term corrosion prevention and superior paint adhesion.”  In beta sites, Lumidize has also made it possible to eliminate some mechanical preparation and has resulted in substantial reductions in process cycles. Test results are available to qualified inquirers.

Lumidize plates aluminum oxide using a proprietary solution and process; the ≤ 0.1 mil electroplate forms a hard, protective barrier layer, which optimizes the adhesion of organic materials by chemically binding them to the substrate.

Lumidize binds to any conductive surface and to epoxy and urethane topcoats.