SANTA ANA, CA – Behr Paint announced that for the first time in a generation, a reimagined paint can will hit shelves to make the painting process simpler and cleaner than ever before — no paint key or tools required to open the container. In addition, Behr's new, 100% recyclable design features a first-of-its-kind Simple Pour plastic lid that eliminates mess and rust and keeps paint fresher longer.

"The current gallon paint can was long overdue for innovation," said Jodi Allen, Chief Marketing Officer at Behr. "We've spent years experimenting to perfect this new design, making sure this revolutionary new can is both environmentally responsible and effective in alleviating common pain points in the painting process. This new design will ensure do-it-yourselfers and pros alike can easily use and preserve Behr's high-quality products."

How It Works

Traditional paint lids require a paint key or screwdriver to open, and a mallet or hammer to close — both of which can damage the metal can and spoil paint saved for reuse or touchups by exposing it to air.

Behr's newly reimagined paint cans will be sold with a complimentary, washable, 100% recyclable plastic pour spout that snaps onto a 70mm opening on the top of the lid, which can be re-sealed with a simple twist-off cap. For those who prefer to dip their brush directly in the can while painting, the new lid can be removed the traditional way as well.

"DIY and professional customers alike will appreciate this new design that ensures a perfectly clean pour and easy, secure storage every time," said Chris Waits, Merchandising Vice President at The Home Depot. "The new lid also saves time and effort for customers due to the easy-to-remove, plastic screw cap — helping shoppers get in and out of the store and back to 'doing.'"

The new paint can featuring Behr's Simple Pour lid is rolling out now in one-gallon cans of the brand's most advanced paint offering one-coat hide, BEHR MARQUEE® Interior and Exterior Paint & Primer, exclusively at The Home Depot stores nationwide.

To learn more about BEHR Simple Pour, stop by your local Home Depot or visit