LOS ANGELES — Dunn-Edwards has partnered with ORLY Color Labs, Sigfús Designs and Le Feu de L’Eau to create products using the 2020 Trends Collection. The collection features nail polishes, earrings and candles inspired by the latest Dunn-Edwards trending color palettes, which include the 2020 Color of the Year, Minty Fresh.

The 2020 Color and Design Trends feature five color palettes with the overarching theme of “Optimistic Endeavors,” which reflects how culture has influenced the design world. Dunn-Edwards color expert and stylist Sara McLean selected the bright and deep colors after research on color and trends throughout nature, fashion and technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with three visionary color and design-focused brands to celebrate our 2020 Color and Design Trends,” said McLean. “Color plays an influential role in our lives, from interior design and home décor to fashion and beauty, and these collaborations demonstrate that impact.”

The collaboration with ORLY Color Labs includes custom ORLY shades that match Dunn-Edwards paint colors in DE5687 Minty Fresh, DE5169 Glazed Sugar and DE5732 Teal Me No Lies. The collection is available for purchase at ORLY Color Labs located at 7621 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

The Sigfús Designs earrings set features five polymer clay earrings in bold and unique designs. The collection showcases seven 2020 trends colors: DET608 Moss Cottage, DE5169 Glazed Sugar, DE6357 Black Tie, DE5452 Gold Gleam, DET576 Singing the Blues, DEA138 Indigo Night and DE5687 Minty Fresh. The earrings are available for purchase on the Sigfús Designs online shop.

Inspired by Minty Fresh in color and scent, the Le Feu de L’Eau candle set includes seven natural and eco-friendly tea lights in a pastel green. The California Piñon Pine Desert scent evokes the grounding and upbeat energy of nature that also influenced Minty Fresh being named the 2020 Color of the Year. The tea light candles are available for purchase on the Le Feu de L’Eau online shop.