CHEVY CHASE, MD — RadTech - The Association for UV+EB Technology is offering a webinar in partnership with SUNY ESF that will explore the fine points of applying UV curable materials in a manufacturing process.

Presenters of the webinar, “Beyond Coating and Cure – the Fine Points of Applying UV Curable Materials in Your Manufacturing Process,” include Mike Kelly of Allied PhotoChemical, Wilson Lee of Enercon Industries, and Brett Maiorano of Atlas Copco. The webinar will take place Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST.

Pairing a good formulation with the right curing system is only part of the equation when developing a sound UV+EB application process. This webinar is designed to systematically address some of those other concerns.

Mike Kelly, Vice President of Global Sales for Allied Photochemical, will discuss “Dispelling the Myth that UV Cure Coatings Are Not Cost Effective,” using a case study to contrast the cost of different coatings for the same application.

Wilson Lee, Business Development Director for Enercon Industries, will address “Surface Pretreatment for UV Coatings and Adhesives,” covering various options for prepping the surface prior to applying a material to assure a good bond.

Brett Maiorano, Industrial Gases Business Development Manager for Atlas Copco, will discuss “Nitrogen Use in the UV Coating Process,” explaining ways to optimize the nitrogen supply when it is necessary.

The webinar promises to be an informative session with ample time for attendees to direct questions at each of these industry experts. Click here for registration information.