HOUSTON - The NACE International Board of Directors has unanimously approved the membership slate of the new NACE Standards Board, and authorized its members to provide oversight and management of NACE International’s standards program. Additionally, it was agreed that the Standards Board will have a voting seat on the NACE International Board of Directors, effective March 2020.

To quickly get the Standards Board acclimated and operational, its members will convene for a two-day orientation in Houston, Texas, on Jan. 28-29, 2020. During orientation, the roles and responsibilities of members will be reviewed, key issues requiring Standards Board attention will be prioritized, and standards committees will be created to develop and approve NACE standards.

 “The NACE International Board of Directors consistently demonstrates its continued support and commitment to this initiative to strengthen the association’s industry standards program,” said Cris Conner. “This is an important step to ensuring we continue to produce state-of-the-art standards for the corrosion industry,” said Interim Standards Board Chair Cris Conner.

The Standards Board will meet twice a year during NACE International’s spring CORROSION Conference and its Corrosion Technology Week held each fall.