HOUSTON – The NACE International Board of Directors announced the slate of members of the new NACE Standards Board. The Standards Board is authorized to provide oversight and management of NACE International’s standards and its chair holds a voting seat on the NACE International board.

“The members of the new NACE International Standards Board come from a decidedly global arena with four of our 10 members hailing from countries outside North America,” said Interim Standards Board Chair, Cris Conner. “This is a big step toward our goal of ensuring that NACE International is truly representative of the worldwide corrosion community.”

The Standards Board members approved by the NACE International board are: David Barnes, Elcometer, Manchester, England; Steve Biagiotti, DynamicRisk, Denver, Colorado; Tim Bieri, BP, Houston, Texas; Cris Conner (Interim Chair), USM, St. Louis, Missouri; Samir Degan, Osnar Paints, Mumbai, India; Khlefa Esaklul, Oxychem, Houston, Texas; Roy Fultineer (Incoming Chair), Roberts Corrosion, Harrisville, West Virgina; Robert Herron, DoD CPO, Washington; Hank Kleinfelder, CorrTech, Buffalo, New York; Nurul Mohamed, Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Elise Owen, U.S. EPA, Washington; Standards Board Secretary - Ed Manns, NACE International Staff.

The Standards Board will meet twice per year, once at NACE International’s spring CORROSION Conference & Expo, and again during Corrosion Technology Week each fall.

The Standards Board first convened last week at NACE International Headquarters in Houston for a two-day orientation and strategic planning session. The second meeting will take place on March 17, 2020. Cris Conner will serve as the Standards Board’s Interim Chair until March 2020 when Roy Fultineer will become Chair for a three-year term.