STEVENSVILLE, MD — Miltec UV, a family operated business located in Stevensville, Maryland, is celebrating 30 years in business in 2020. The company has changed dramatically over the years from being a distributor of industrial UV (ultraviolet) products to becoming a global equipment manufacturer. The company manufactures UV curing equipment and spare parts to over 30 markets globally. The company is unique in that its combined portfolio consists of microwave, arc and led lamp technologies, which allow better choices for its customers.

Over the past 30 years, Miltec UV has developed comprehensive capabilities and a staff of technical experts that provide consulting, training and technical support. In addition, the company has a customer applications laboratory open to customers and formulators to work alongside its chemists, engineers and UV experts towards new breakthroughs in testing new processes, cost reduction and process improvements.

Manufacturers using the UV equipment come from many industries, including medical equipment, prefinished hardwood floors, LVT flooring, kitchen cabinets, automotive headlights, cell phones screens, printed metal aerosol cans, printed products, fertilizer and dog food bags, and optical fiber used for telecommunication cables as well as many others. The company recently worked with the Department of Energy and Department of Defense to develop a manufacturing process, utilizing UV curing technology for lithium-ion batteries. This UV technology will be used in vehicles and multiple other applications such as power tools, cell phones and other applications that use lithium-ion batteries. This process is a revolutionary advancement in the production of lithium-ion batteries.

Miltec UV is involved in supporting the community through various organizations and the four principal owners are as well through various volunteer roles. The owners include Marilyn Blandford, CEO; Bob Blandford, President; Joe Blandford, Vice President; and Charles Blandford Executive Vice President.