STEVENSVILLE, MD - Miltec UV recently celebrated its 28th year in business. The company has expanded into several new markets domestically and internationally and has extensive plans to expand into new markets in 2018. Its dedication to these markets in 2017 has resulted three of the company’s largest sales in history, according to CEO, Marilyn Blandford. 

Miltec UV continues to grow not only globally but also in-house, with an additional 40 new employees since 2016. "I've had the distinct honor and privilege to play a role in recruiting the number of highly skilled individuals who have joined our organization and in the growth Miltec UV has experienced in the last several years. We continually strive to hire employees who exemplify Miltec's core values, adding to our culture of innovation and diversity. As we head into the New Year, I look forward to continuing efforts to propel our growth in 2018," said Karen McKernan, Human Resource Manager.

Miltec UV doesn't stop with new hires, as the company is moving full steam ahead in 2018 with the launch of a new lithium-ion battery UV technology. This new high-speed coating and curing technology allows battery manufacturers to produce lithium-ion batteries at a much faster pace, with much less floor space and carbon footprint, providing significant cost savings. Furthermore, it reduces the cost of improving the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries in all lithium-ion battery applications including HEV, PHEV and EV, as well as consumer electronics and grid energy storage.