DANVERS, MA — TECHKON – a leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities – announced a strategic OEM partnership with Screen Americas, a SCREEN Graphic Solutions group company headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The company provides a wide range of solutions to meet graphic communications needs, with a strong focus on production-class inkjet printing technology. Its product portfolio includes Truepress inkjet printers and presses, PlateRite thermal platesetters, and PDF/JDF-based workflow solutions for computer-to-plate and print-on-demand.

The strategic partnership is significant because Screen Americas will be including the Techkon SpectroDens Premium handheld spectrophotomer as a core component of each new customer’s Equios color management workflow solution.  This new integrated solution is also a standard offering for all configurations of the press series including the TPJ 520ZZ, TPJ 520NX and TPJ 520HD.

The SpectroDens was chosen by Screen for its ease of use, versatility and color measurement accuracy. Of particular interest to Screen was the side-aperture design of the SpectroDens, which makes alignment of the device quick and easy for the operator. In addition, Screen was also impressed with the ability to seamlessly switch between spot measurements and color bar scanning without requiring the purchase or installation of additional accessories. In the Screen color eco-system, the SpectroDens will play an integral role in capturing color measurements to allow for color calibration of the press and to ensure color consistency of the Truepress across a variety of print media.

The Truepress Jet520 series remains the best-selling inkjet press for the direct mail, transactional, commercial print and book printing markets with more than 1500 machines manufactured by Screen since the first model Truepress Jet520S was launched in 2007.

The SpectroDens remains the fastest handheld spectro-densitometer on the market. The innovative measurement head allows a single spot measurement approximately every one second while the patented, side-aperture design allows the operator to easily position the optics over the desired measurement location for even faster operation.