DANVERS, MA – TECHKON, an innovation leader in precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities, announced a major multi-year purchase agreement with InterFlex Group (IFG), a global flexible packaging supplier and converter that supports many Fortune 1000 packaged goods companies. IFG is implementing the Techkon Global Color Quality Control Solution in both its North American manufacturing facilities in Wilkesboro, North Carolina and Merrill, Wisconsin. The Techkon Global Color Quality Control Solution includes the SpectroDens Premium Handheld and Scanning Spectrophometer as well as the ChromaQA Color Quality Assurance Software platform.

IFG will use the Techkon solution to ensure color accuracy in both the ink room as well as the pressroom. The team at IFG cites constant downtime in their previous color-matching program as the number-one reason for making the switch to the new Techkon solution. The new Techkon solution allows ink-room technicians to perform color checks on all of their manufactured inks, thus enabling strict adherence to brand customer requirements and standards. The solution is also utilized in the pressroom, where it quickly became an essential system for checking live print, maintaining color on all of the presses, managing print and color standards, and improving color-match times.

According to the team at IFG, “Transitioning from one color program to another can be a daunting task. However, Techkon has made the process very smooth for us. The ChromaQA software is very user friendly, and it seems to be designed for the printer,” said Bart Wright, Director, NA Graphics.  “We were able to quickly get the system installed, our staff trained, and have already noticed shorter color match times on press. Currently, we have the Techkon software in use to check and maintain color on our four presses along with the QC of all inks coming out of our ink room. So far, the product has worked very well with no issues since it was installed. We also liked that other printers who have made the switch have given Techkon very favorable reviews, and we would definitely do the same.”

The Techkon solution has been widely adopted by packaging printers worldwide. The solution combines the use of Techkon’s award-winning SpectroDens spectrophotometer coupled with its robust and easy-to-use color-quality platform, ChromaQA, resulting in a powerful enterprise system for end-to-end color control.