DANVERS, MA – Techkon USA, a leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and software solutions for the global print and packaging communities, announced a new partnership program with Idealliance. Techkon will support Idealliance in its mission to educate and certify the print and packaging supply chain on G7® – the set of certifications and specifications for achieving gray balance and the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.

The partnership program will provide training participants and their organizations special pricing on G7 devices, software and on-going support services including webinars, whitepapers and how-to videos. Additionally, Techkon will supply class attendees with its handheld pressroom spectrophotometer, the SpectroDens. The Techkon SpetroDens was the first handheld device to offer integrated support for the Idealliance G7 specification and is the only measurement device that reports G7 measurements relative to the measurement of actual printing stock.

“Techkon’s support of G7 and the upcoming G7 Expert Training event is a perfect fit. One reason for the success of G7 is the global awareness of print service providers that acquiring customers and retaining customers has an incredible amount to do with color management, process control, and having a measurable, predictable, and repeatable process in place. What gets measured, gets managed, especially so in today’s competitive marketplace. Companies like Techkon, who offer tools that support a more precise, calibrated and measurable workflow, are key to enabling G7 and building a more profitable business,” said Timothy Baechle, CEO of Idealliance.

Jim Lange, Techkon’s Executive Vice President, said, “What Tim’s done at Idealliance is nothing short of impressive. Organizations all along the print supply chain have embraced the importance of global standards, and Idealliance is clearly at the forefront. We’re delighted to participate and help support the mission.”

The first G7 training event that Techkon will attend is at EFI’s Connect conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Jan. 23 and 24, 2020. G7 training is a theory-based program, offering a blend of lab instruction and lecture on how to apply the G7 method on any type of printing process. Participants will gain deep expertise in color theory, the G7 methodology, ISO standards, process control and press/proof alignment to achieve G7 certification. As G7 experts and G7 professionals, these individuals will be certified and licensed by Idealliance as proven leaders in print production and global standards to align all proof and print applications regardless of process, ink or substrate.

Printing industry professionals interested in attending the G7 Expert Training can find more information at http://www.idealliance.org. Techkon also has a dedicated G7 resource area at https://www.techkonusa.com/resources/g7-support/.

Idealliance, a global think tank, is a non-profit graphic communications industry organization with 12 strategically located offices around the world. Idealliance serves brands, OEMs, service providers in print and packaging, content and media creators, creative agencies/design teams, material suppliers, and innovators and developers worldwide. It does work through ISO standards innovation, print and digital workflows and technologies development and integration, technical research, certification, training, and brand and facility auditing programs. It also serves as a connector for brands, service providers and OEMs throughout the world.