CHARLOTTE, NC — COROB, a manufacturer of dispensers, mixers and shakers, announced a reseller partnership with Fine Paints of Europe (FPE), creator and supplier of premium Dutch coatings. Under this agreement, FPE will supply COROB’s EVOFLX-LW compact dispenser with hybrid pump technology to its group of independently owned paint retailers.

“The partnership between COROB and Fine Paints of Europe is a mutually beneficial arrangement,” said Jack Walsh, Managing Director, COROB North America. “By supplying our automatic colorant dispenser, Fine Paints of Europe further ensures that its North American channel partners dispense coatings with 100% accuracy, and we continue building our distribution network.” Walsh continued, “Fine Paints of Europe’s coatings contain no inexpensive fillers or extenders and are composed of only the finest pigments, oils and resins. Carrying a premium price tag, FPE coatings are not only expected to provide long-lasting beauty, they are required to yield an exact color, and, our dispenser is the perfect instrument for delivering those precise results.” 

The EVOFLX-LW is a compact dispenser with an optimum refilling height, making it ideal to fit into any retail environment and easily used throughout the day. The unit holds up to 32 canisters and can dispense a variety of configurations, including 1.5-, 2.5- and 5-liter canisters. The machine’s patented SAPS bellow and piston hybrid pumping system is the key to consistent and accurate dispensing, ensuring that customers get the correct color every time. As an added feature, the dispenser operates on COROB’s 5G platform, which allows service personnel to remotely access the dispenser if providing phone assistance to retail store personnel. In addition, the unit offers:

  • Four colorants that simultaneously dispense up to 32 oz. per minute;
  • A small footprint of 38.6" l x 34" d x 44" h;
  • Compatibility with water, solvent and universal colorant bases;
  • Eye-level workstation with waist-high refilling station; and
  • A minimum dispense level of 1/768 fl. oz.

“In addition to offering the EVOFLX-LW, we can refer our retailers to COROB’s extensive service group,” said John Lahey III, President FPE. “COROB has a diverse preventive maintenance program that includes annual, five- and nine-year plans. We’ve witnessed that with a solid maintenance plan, retailers can reduce downtime, increase productivity and provide more accurate dispensing.”