SKOKIE, IL – NAPCO Ltd. (North American Polymer Company), a national kitchen and bath refinishing and refinishing training company, is offering commercial property owners and managers the chance to enroll their maintenance crew in its popular kitchen and bath refinishing training program. The program, originally intended for those getting into or already in the refinishing business, has been expanded to include training for those working at commercial properties such as apartments, dormitories, motels and hotels.  

NAPCO’s three-day refinishing training program teaches workers how to do everything from quote a project and prepare the environment, to repairing surfaces and applying long-lasting, high-quality finishes to cabinets, countertops, sinks, bathtubs and tile in almost any color.

“We know there is a need for training in this industry and that is why we are so excited to share this opportunity,” said NAPCO President Dani Nichols. “We often receive calls from property owners looking for a refinisher in their area. We realized that many of these management companies already have maintenance crews on staff who are perfectly capable of learning how to refinish. It’s a win, win for everyone if the life of a property can be enhanced and even extended by teaching an existing employee how to refinish a bathtub or set of cabinets,” she added.

NAPCO offers the training for bathtub, tile, sink, countertop and cabinet refinishing. The three-day program provides in-depth training on the use and application of NAPCO’s waterborne refinishing products as well as its solvent-based refinishing products.

The training course includes all equipment, coatings and a final certificate. Attendees will learn job preparation, equipment usage, equipment cleaning and care, on-the-job safety, product knowledge, bathtub and bathroom refinishing, and kitchen countertop and kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Classes are limited to seven participants each, and are held at 7315 Hamlin Avenue in Skokie, Illinois, just north of Chicago. Transportation to and from classes and lunches are included in all three days of the training.

The 2020 class dates are March 11-13, April 8-10, May 13-15, June 10-12, July 15-17, Aug. 12-14, Sept. 16-18, Oct. 14-16, Nov. 11-13, and Dec, 9-11. Call 800/888.1081 or visit for more information.