AVON, OH — Cambrian Solutions, a Maroon Group company, announced that it has strengthened its biotechnology portfolio distribution across Canada as sole distributor for multiple segments of Novozymes. Novozymes and Maroon Group (J. Tech Sales) have enjoyed a strong partnership since 2006.

Maroon Group is the sole distributor for multiple segments for Novozymes in the United States and Canada, including I&I Laundry, I&I Dishwash, Consumer Laundry, Consumer Dishwash, Surgical Equipment Cleaning, Wastewater Treatment, Textile, and Oil and Gas.

"The acquisition of Cambrian Solutions strengthens the distribution and market awareness of our biotechnology portfolio throughout North America and more specifically Canada. The additional sales executives and distribution capabilities will allow Maroon Group to further educate our customers and end-users on the benefits of biotechnology and the value-proposition that probiotics and enzymes bring to household cleaning, institutional cleaning, industrial cleaning, and oil and gas markets," said Brian Taylor, Vice President, Biotechnology at Maroon Group.