LONG BEACH, CA - As experts on environmental pollution abatement, Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. made 2019 the year to fully commit to expanding services throughout Asia by opening manufacturing facilities, multiplying branch offices, and striving to serve in advisory roles across numerous regions and organization types, all with the goal of helping to bring the region's critical pollution crisis under control.

According to Greenpeace and Beijing-based AirVisual, 99 of the 100 most-polluted cities in the world are in Asia. Currently, China occupies 11 of the top 45 most polluted cities on the World Pollution Index (2.5 PM scale). Year after year in the January and February months, Bangkok, Thailand, seems to make international headlines as farmers burn their lands and smog envelopes the city, forcing harmful particulate levels far beyond WHO-approved safety levels. In Vietnam, more people die from air pollution every year than motorbike accidents. While pockets of progress exist (most notably in China), much of the Asian region is desperate for help. Fortunately, an increasing number of governments and industrial leaders are opening their doors to help from Ship & Shore Environmental.

Forging Partnerships

Last October, Ship & Shore Environmental started manufacturing in a new Shanghai plant (Ship & Shore China) built to mirror the U.S.-based headquarters facility. (Since this opening, the company has won several projects in the pharmaceutical, automotive and other industries.) The following month, Ship & Shore Environmental expanded its manufacturing operations in Bangkok, Thailand. Now, the relationships forming from those offices are bearing fruit. 

For example, in Ship & Shore Environmental's Thailand office, the General Manager now holds one of 49 member positions on an ad-hoc committee formed to help solve air pollution throughout the country. The committee holds enough influence to move its resolutions directly to legislators, who then may adapt those resolutions into binding laws. Meanwhile, Ship & Shore Environmental is working to more broadly inform the Thai parliament about petrochemical smog, VOC pollution, and how VOCs contribute to health problems and smog across the country. The company is also educating legislators about abatement technologies, methods and industrial solutions.

Ship & Shore Environmental continues to expand this consultancy role in the region as governmental and corporate bodies establish and implement new industry standards. China, Thailand and other nations look to the United States as a role model for pollution regulations. Ship & Shore Environmental has been manufacturing air pollution abatement systems based on the dynamic stringent air quality regulations in the United States for two decades, along with close involvement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company’s technical involvement and expertise in air quality rules, regulations and processes make Ship & Shore a qualified and proven source for consultation on air pollution control and capture. 

"Ship & Shore is thrilled to have opportunities to help nations in need establish industry and air quality guidelines that will allow businesses to prosper while healing the ecosystem in which they function. It is inspiring and truly worthwhile to be at the forefront of this movement towards global environmental consciousness," said Ship & Shore Environmental’s President and CEO Anoosheh Oskouian.

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., based in Long Beach, California, specializes in air pollution capture and control systems for industrial applications.