The OnRobotics Paint platform utilizes advanced technology to deliver flexibility, providing manufacturers a reliable automated all-in-one coating solution.

The technology features a Fanuc PaintMate Robot to coat parts, offering 360° coverage. It is offered as a turnkey system integrated with an existing paint booth or as individual components to be integrated with an existing conveyance line/paint booth. The system includes custom part fixture design services. Fixtures are loaded with parts and placed in the OnRobotics universal racks. The automated system handles the rest.

Racks are loaded onto the OnRobotics overhead conveyor via a load/unload robot, scanned and transferred to the PaintMate Robot for coating. The scanner will identify each part and validate its position in the rack. Once positioned in front of the robot the OnRobotics patented turning system synchronizes with the robot part path, rotating the parts individually as the parts are rotated. The racks are then conveyed back to the load/unload, where a robot unloads them.

Racks are delivered to and from the system via specially designed carts that carry a predetermined number of racks, indexed to facilitate robot handling. Carts are manually loaded and unloaded to and from the system. Alternate rack delivery methods are available.

Other system options include extending the conveyance system into other robot-assisted secondary processes such as curing, laser marking and printing. The system can also support other paint system configurations and suppliers.

The entire system is controlled from a user-friendly touchscreen interface and includes an optional tie in to Concept’s cloud-based part path management program, where Concept will develop new part paths, deliver them to the system via the cloud, and make them available for immediate use by the system. Other cloud-based functionality includes downtime and production data delivered to a mobile device running Wave7 apps.

With an automated spray solution, cost-conscious manufacturers can limit overspray, minimize waste, ensure consistent quality, and increase output while reducing labor costs. With robotic painting, customers have reported waste savings of over 30%, productivity gains of over 30%, and 30% reduction in quality related scrapped parts.

OnRobotics Paint is designed to provide a complete automated solution to take manufacturers from manual painting to fully automated painting. With its modular design the system can also integrate with an existing semi-automated system and make it fully automated.

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