UltraStrip Systems, Inc., a Stuart, Fla.-based defense technology company, has signed an agreement with an internationally recognized research and development organization to develop a three-dimensional (3D) laser scanning and high-pressure water jet stripping system to remove coatings from the world's military and commercial aircraft. The new system is based on UltraStrip's patented 3D scanning and ultra-high-pressure water jetting patents, U.S. Patents 6,287,389, 6,745,108, and 6,604,696.

The company's patented robotic water jetting systems are provided through its UltraStrip Envirobotic Solutions subsidiary and are designed to provide an environmentally safe and cost-effective process for the removal of coatings on a range of commercial and military vessels, including military support vehicles. The robotic systems have been used for U.S. Navy ships (including the U.S.S. Cole after its attack off the coast of Yemen), cruise ships, and tankers in shipyards throughout the world.

For more information about UltraStrip, visit www.ultrastrip.com or www.ecospheretech.com.