BRÜHL, Germany — Special chemicals wholesaler BCH is continuing its course for growth with the exclusive distribution of oligomers and several photoinitiators from Double Bond Chemical (DBC). The move helps the family-owned company to expand its portfolio and take a key position in Germany and Great Britain.

“We have decided to enter into the field of oligomers with Double Bond Chemicals. Given the diversity of products, this would not be possible without establishing a close cooperation with a reliable producer. Thanks to this partnership, we are glad to directly provide our customers with customized products for their specific requirements starting immediately,” explained Michael Kiehnel of BCH.

Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., a Taiwanese producer of fine chemicals mainly for the polymer and UV industry, has been a partner of BCH since 2017. The expertise of the Rhenish company in registration and approval of chemical substances in the European Union makes the expanded cooperation a win-win situation, as does the reputation of the German partner as contact for specialty chemicals, particularly in the field of energy curing.