In the battle to keep interior walls stain-free, AkzoNobel has just launched Dulux EasyCare+, a defender of surfaces and a champion of beautiful colors.

Using Scuff Resist technology, the paint forms a durable matt coating, providing extraordinary mechanical strength that prevents scuffs that often happen when plastic, rubber or wood is knocked against a wall.

“Keeping interior walls looking spotless can be a bit of a challenge in some households and indoor environments,” said David Menko, AkzoNobel’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Dulux EasyCare+ is a fantastic defense against scuffs and stains because it combines exceptional resistance with the latest color trends and will enable customers to enjoy beautifully clean interiors for years.”

Initially launched in Poland, the product’s secret weapon lies in its use of micro-spherical fillers with regular shapes. They fill in the spaces between the other paint components to ensure a perfectly smooth coating structure with the highest stain and scuff resistance. This prevents particles of plastic, rubber or wood from settling on the surface.

“We realize it’s not always easy to avoid situations where walls may get dirty, so it’s worth protecting them by using the right paint,” added Menko. “It’s a great example of how we’re always pushing the boundaries of what our products can do.”

The Dulux EasyCare+ color palette was created in cooperation with AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center. Available in 32 shades to reflect the latest interior design trends, the exciting range includes the company’s 2020 Color of the Year, Tranquil Dawn.