CHARLOTTE, NC – KRÜSS Academy will offer a Surface Science Online Course starting April 27. This learning opportunity is absolutely free of charge and offers flexible options to fit a variety of schedules while working from home. Either online or on-demand, participants will get:

  • Relevant content about surface science from respected universities and industry experts;
  • Daily live Q&A sessions to get questions answered in real time;
  • A choice to participate in all classes or just a few;
  • Real-life examples from the field about surface free energy, surface tension, interfacial tension and more; and
  • A certificate upon successful completion of a “final exam” for those who chose it.

As KRÜSS Technical Consultant and course organizer, Aleksey Baldygin, explained, ““Customers often tell me that they want to learn above and beyond, but are limited by time. While most of us are working from home instead of a classroom, lab or office, we want to bring game-changing learning opportunities to anyone who wants to learn about surface science. We are excited to offer this course because it allows participants flexibility to learn on their own time.”

The class starts April 27. Find course details, read about presenters, or register here.