LIVONIA, MI – Michigan Metrology is offering a two-day, online course in surface texture, friction and wear. The class, which will be held online March 10–11, 2021, is part of a suite of online training options that the company has made available to further understanding of surface roughness concepts.

“The March class is designed for engineers, technicians and researchers working in automotive, aerospace, materials, medical devices, polymers and other fields,” said Don Cohen, PhD, who will present the course. “The online format makes it possible for our viewers to continue to grow their understanding of how texture affects component function — even while we can’t easily travel to attend trainings in person.”

The two-day class is presented live online via Webex in a professional learning environment. This class offers a deep dive into course topics including:

  • Measuring roughness and waviness;
  • Surface measurement instruments;
  • How to correctly set filters for texture measurements;
  • Data analysis techniques and tools;
  • Surface texture parameters;
  • How to specify surface texture;
  • How surface texture relates to wear, sealing and other functionality;
  • Surface energy, adhesion and texture, paint appearance;
  • Mechanics of dry friction and rolling friction;
  • Fundamentals of lubrication; and
  • Surface metrology strategy.

Students viewing the class have full access to the instructor for real-time questions about how the material applies to their particular applications.

In addition to this two-day class, Michigan Metrology also offers online courses through the training site Udemy and customized online courses for individual companies.

“We have been holding classes in surface metrology and tribology for over 15 years,” said Dr. Cohen. “Our students report that the online format gives them excellent tools to understand these fundamental topics, at a pace that helps them retain the class information.”

More class details are available at Registration requests can be made on the site, or by calling 866/953.5030 or emailing