LIVONIA, MI — The long-standing Surface Texture and Tribology short course, presented by Dr. Don Cohen of Michigan Metrology, is now available as individual modules on the learning website. The online format allows students to choose the course segments that are pertinent to their work and to learn at their own pace and schedule.

“This online, modular format makes learning about surface roughness, finish, friction and wear more affordable and accessible,” said Cohen. “The material goes beyond equations and instead focuses on how texture relates to component functions such as sealing, durability and appearance. It’s designed for technicians, engineers and scientists who address surface finish issues daily, yet because it’s modular it is approachable for anyone who wants to understand surface interactions.”

The course modules range in length from 45 minutes to two hours. They include the following:

  • Surface Finish: Introduction, Instruments & Correlation;
  • Filtering for Roughness Waviness and Form;
  • Surface Roughness Parameters;
  • Wear Mechanisms, Measurement and Specification;
  • Dry, Sliding Friction;
  • Lubricated Friction;
  • Rolling Friction;
  • Surface Energy, Wetting and Surface Roughness;
  • Seals, Sealing and Surface Finish; and
  • Coatings: Surface Roughness from Substrate to Topcoat.

“We have been providing training in surface metrology and tribology for over fifteen years,” said Cohen. “This class makes nearly 16 hours of training available to students, and it’s available for learning at the pace that’s best for retaining the information.”

More class details are available at