MANCHESTER, UK — HMG Paints Ltd. has utilized its manufacturing knowledge and existing alcohol stocks to produce hand sanitizer for frontline workers, care providers and charities in Manchester and across the UK. The company developed the First Thing Sanitizer, which contains over 70% alcohol, after staff and their families reported being unable to find stocks at other locations. The First Thing name derives from internal communication messages urging staff to make washing their hands the first thing on their mind whether at work or at home.

The company is now working with partners to supply hand sanitizers, based on a World Health Organization recommended formulations, to those who need it the most during the spread of COVID-19, which has led to a national shortage. With a severe shortage for those working in environments with the most vulnerable, HMG is keen to help as many get the supplies that are needed.

“Our team of chemists have worked extremely hard on the formulation, and it has been a true team effort to make the hand sanitizer available.” Said John Falder, Managing Director. “By utilizing our existing alcohol stocks, we believe that we can help the HMG family, our customers and those who need it the most during the current shortages.”

The first batch of First Thing Sanitizer saw donations made to Greater Manchester Police along with local care homes and frontline workers. The current situation in the UK has seen a number of HMG’s customers assist with Government and NHS Infrastructure support initiatives, utilizing their skills and expertise to help during the current outbreak. The company intends to manufacture as much hand sanitizer as possible and set aside a number of sanitizers to donate to front line workers and others most in need during the crisis.

The paint made by HMG Paints is also being utilized during the current crisis with the company’s commercial, industrial and decorative coatings being used on everything from hospital beds, workbenches, communication equipment, the Nightingale temporary Hospitals and buildings to the trucks and commercial vehicles keeping goods moving across the country.