The prestigious American Coatings Award, sponsored by ACA and Vincentz Network, is given to the most outstanding technical presentation at the American Coatings Conference. While the American Coatings Show and Conference were cancelled for this year due to Covid-19, the event organizers announced the 2020 American Coatings Award winner at the launch of American Coatings Virtual on May 6.

Congratulations to Zeena Cherian, Senior Staff Scientist at Ashland Specialty Ingredients. Zeena’s presentation is titled, “New Techniques to Understand Stain Resistance Properties of Water-Based Architectural Paints.”

In her presentation she explains why there is a great need to understand the effect of binder chemistry, binder particle size, thickener chemistry and dosage, and other formulation parameters on stain resistance. The presentation- details multidisciplinary approaches to assess stain-resistant properties of paints to elucidate the impact of some of the formulation parameters listed above.  

Zeena is giving a presentation about her outstanding technical paper exclusively at the American Coatings Virtual. Listen to her study and understand the overall mechanism of stain formation and removal.