REDCAR, UK — Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) announced new appointments as part of the development of its commercial team. Additionally, Nigel Blatherwick, Commercial Director, has left AGM to pursue a different career path.

Blatherwick commented, “I’d like to take the opportunity to wish AGM and its customers all the best. I firmly believe over the last five years the AGM team has created a business with a second-to-none understanding of how best to apply and exploit new graphene technology into the coatings and composites industry, and the steady stream of new customer applications points to an exciting future.”

Andy Gent is taking over Blatherwick’s position as the new Commercial Director. Gent originally joined AGM’s business development team in January 2018 having previously managed the European TERATHANE® business for INVISTA. After receiving a degree in Colour and Polymer Chemistry, Gent spent 10 years in research and development, before transitioning into sales initially with Clariant followed by Evonik TEGO® then moving to INVISTA. With over 20 years of experience in the coatings industry in both technical and European sales management roles, AGM believes Gent is the perfect fit to guide the business through the next stages of its growth plan.

Gent commented, “I am thrilled. This is something that I have been working hard towards since starting my MBA, and I am delighted to have been given this opportunity. This is a very exciting time in AGM’s history, and I am looking forward to playing a pivotal role in the successful growth of the revenue base of the organization.”

To support Gent, Sam Whitehead has been promoted to UK Sales Manager. A scientist by training, Whitehead studied Chemistry at Leeds University before developing his coatings experience with AkzoNobel. Having originally joined AGM’s technical team in November 2018, Whitehead has played a key part demonstrating the benefits of the company’s graphene additives in anticorrosion applications with customers, as well as developing the new graphene dispersions that AGM offers for coatings systems.

Whitehead commented, “I was delighted to hear about the promotion to the sales team. I believe I can make a real impact on the growth of AGM, and I really look forward to connecting with new clients to forge new business relationships and achieve success in graphene integration in their products.

CEO Adrian Potts said, “I am excited for the opportunity that this change presents and look forward very much to Andy and Sam’s input in developing our sales approach and growing our revenue results. We have clear commercial targets to achieve, and I’m confident in our team to do the absolute best to get us there together.

“I would also like to put record my thanks to Nigel. He and I joined the company the same week a number of years ago, and we have worked together tirelessly to get the company to where it is today.”