MONHEIM AM RHEIN, Germany – OQ Chemicals, formerly Oxea, is now marketing a large part of its product portfolio of oxo intermediates and oxo derivatives via the specialized B2B online marketplaces Pinpools and Chemondis. With this new service, OQ Chemicals intends to address digitally savvy customers, expand its business model to include additional sales channels and give its customers another option to accelerate procurement processes.

“As digitalization progresses, the purchasing behavior of customers in the chemical industry is also changing, and online platforms are becoming increasingly important. Even as Oxea, we began to gain experience in how we can work with our customers to accompany these changes. With the digital possibilities of B2B platforms and their efficient handling processes, our customers can now take the pressure off their purchasing departments and thus reduce their transaction and procurement costs. We expect to significantly expand our reach and visibility by using the online marketplaces Chemondis and Pinpools, especially after the name change from Oxea to OQ Chemicals. The two platforms optimally complement our various sales strategies,” said Sebastian Anton, Project Lead at OQ Chemicals.

Oxea chose Chemondis and Pinpools after an extensive review. In addition to reach and direct access to customers, the decisive criteria for the selection were the excellent networking of buyers and sellers along the supply chain.

Pinpools has around 750 registered buyers and suppliers trading over 23,000 products. “Our online marketplace offers a high degree of transparency. We offer buyers and suppliers numerous process simplifications such as payment methods, logistics or ERP integration,” said Heribert-Josef Lakemeyer, COO of Pinpools.

Chemondis lists approximately 2,100 buyers and suppliers with more than 50,000 traded products. “On our platform, buyers and sellers benefit from the fully digital purchase process right through to the closing. Efficiency in order processing increases and manual effort is reduced,” said Sebastian Brenner, Managing Director of Chemondis.

OQ Chemicals, formerly Oxea, is a global manufacturer of oxo intermediates and oxo derivatives, such as alcohols, polyols, carboxylic acids, specialty esters and amines.