PORTSMOUTH, NH/CHATTANOOGA, TN – Micronics Filtration Holdings Inc. announced the appointment of Christopher G. Cummins as President and CEO of the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group, which consists of the following companies and brands: Micronics, Southern Filter Media (SFM), C.P. Environmental (CPE), United Process Control (UPC) and AeroPulse®. Cummins officially joined the team in early April. 

Cummins brings 27 years of manufacturing expertise with highly engineered products to his leadership role at Micronics. Prior to Micronics, he has held senior leadership roles including President, COO, SVP - Global Operations and General Manager for a range of diverse, privately held and public companies including Danaher Corp., Colson Group, Symmetry Medical and Abaco Systems. His areas of expertise include Lean principles and Six Sigma deployment, driving global manufacturing strategies, supply chain optimization, and continuous performance improvement. Throughout his career, Cummins has successfully worked with diverse teams in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

“I am excited to be leading the team here at Micronics Engineered Filtration Group. I have spent most of my time the past few weeks meeting this team of talented professionals, and I am extremely impressed and proud to be a part of this business.  We will continue to be committed to adding value to our customers with best-in-class lead-times, on-time delivery, and providing high-quality products and services, all things that are critically important to our valued filtration customer base,” said Cummins.

“I’m looking forward to furthering the company’s global position as an innovative, agile partner and solutions provider for customers’ critical filtration challenges across the industries we serve from mining to chemical manufacturing, pigments, wastewater treatment, power, surface finishing, breweries and wineries, and biopharma companies,” he added.

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group consists of leading wet and dry engineered filtration companies including Micronics Inc., Southern Filter Media LLC, C.P. Environmental LLC., United Process Control Inc., and the AeroPulse® brand of APC equipment.