10/11. Lanco Paints & Coatings (Blanco Group)

San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico



CEO: Sergio Blanco

Coatings Sales: $300 million

Since beginning operations in 1978, Lanco Paints & Coatings’ mission has been one of superior customer satisfaction centered on a drive to produce the best quality products. Lanco’s product line encompasses a wide array of applications ranging from architectural coatings and wood finishes to industrial adhesives and high-performance sealants. This family owned company has grown to an international enterprise with manufacturing facilities in the United States, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Lanco’s products can be found from the southernmost tip of Chile to northern Canada.

Lanco Paints & Coatings prides itself on its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which allow it to deliver consistently great products at the highest of quality standards. Its facilities conform to the highest ISO and safety standards. The company’s coating formulas use only approved raw materials from some of the world’s biggest and most advanced chemical manufacturers.

Source: Company contact

Notes: After getting hit by two major hurricanes in late 2017, and a series of strong earthquakes in 2019, Lanco Paints & Coatings’ headquarters in Puerto Rico sustained devastating damages, including the loss of the main office building plus significant structural damage to production and warehouse buildings. Thanks to the strength and resiliency of its employees, the company was able to bounce back and resume operations, all while taking care of its business abroad, customers, and its community and families. As Puerto Rico continues its path to recovery after hurricanes and earthquakes, Lanco continues to play a critical role in the reconstruction of the island by taking part in social work, community initiatives and government-led projects.

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