EVANSTON, IL — 4aBetterBusiness, an implementation-based consultancy, announced the formation of the Operations Training Institute (OTI) division. The focus of the Operations Training Institute is to provide online and blended training to help executives create an organization of problem-solvers. The online training is available now at www.otitrain.com.

The online training and tools develop organization-wide skills that keep a business moving forward, reduce risk, prevent failures, identify and resolve problems, ensure processes and systems are performing as expected, and prepare for and achieve management system certifications.

The modules currently available include:

  • Root Cause Analyzer,
  • FMEA Risk Analysis,
  • Internal Auditing for Improved Performance,
  • ISO 9001 Orientation, and
  • ISO 9001 Assessment with Ways Systems Fail.

These courses are online developments of training adopted and used corporate-wide and in individual group areas by Lockheed Martin, Fedex, Magna and many others, and provided through ASQ (formerly the American Society for Quality).

“Now more than ever companies need effective and efficient processes to survive and thrive,” said Paul Vragel, President of 4aBetterBusiness. “The skills developed through online training enable companies to meet this challenge. Online training facilitates ongoing learning including in the conditions created by COVID-19.”

“For trade and industrial associations, OTI has established an Affiliate Marketing program,” said Vragel. “Association members receive discounts on training, and a percentage of the license fee is paid to the association.”

4aBetterBusiness is a leading implementation-based consultancy. It believes that employees are the world’s experts at knowing what they do – their local processes – and that 90% of the issues in a company are embedded in how those local processes work and work together. 4aBetterBusiness uses those beliefs to develop immediate, enthusiastic buy-in, participation and contribution to change. 4aBetterBusiness focuses on accelerated operational excellence implementation, achieving sustainable, scalable digital transformation, and achievement of value-added management system certifications.