EXTON, PA — Arkema is strengthening its partnership with Continuous Composites, creator of Continuous Fiber 3D Printing technology (CF3D®) and headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Arkema has invested in the American start-up to rapidly advance the development of 3D composite manufacturing, a groundbreaking innovation for strong, lightweight structures.

Continuous Composites has reinvented composite manufacturing techniques using its patented CF3D technology with a complete solution including software, hardware, materials and motion platforms. The company’s core technology is driving a fundamental shift in composites design and manufacturing capabilities utilizing high-performance thermosets resins.

With expertise in designing photo-curable liquid resins, Arkema – through its Sartomer Business Line - has a specific N3xtDimension® offering for additive manufacturing processes and is now developing a new generation of solutions with its use for CF3D. N3xtDimension is part of the 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema platform, delivering an unlimited array of solutions for all major 3D manufacturing technologies worldwide.

Having signed a joint development agreement (JDA) in September 2019, the two companies have already succeeded in hitting key milestones with the ongoing co-developments focused on progressing N3xtDimension photo-curable resins for the CF3D process. This co-innovation has enabled the production of customized and large-scale composite parts with high-performance mechanical properties for applications in aeronautics, automotive and energy sectors, among many others. Current development projects include collaborations with Lockheed Martin (United States), Air Force Research Laboratory (United States) and Siemens.

“Our team diligently laid the foundation of our business and strategic relationships so when we enter the market, we have all the building blocks in place,” said Tyler Alvarado CEO and Co-Founder of Continuous Composites. “Arkema’s JDA and strategic investment demonstrates our commitment to bringing an exponential growth curve to various industries. We are enabling more innovation through our alliance with Arkema’s 60 years of material science expertise and our dedicated R&D capabilities.”

“We are delighted to strengthen our strategic partnership with Continuous Composites, which has an agile, reliable team with a very strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our investment is a testament to our belief in the market opportunity of CF3D. This collaboration will accelerate the development of innovative materials and disruptive manufacturing technology,” said Sumeet Jain, Senior Director of 3D Printing Worldwide at Arkema.