Based on the newest high-temperature resin technology, INFERNEX® LB-1100 High Temp Baking Enamel balances extreme corrosion resistance, flexibility, chemical resistance, mechanical durability and superior adhesion over long-term exposure to high temperatures (up to 1100 °F) and thermal shock cycles. The coating system passed qualifying tests for use on cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel for a well-known international agricultural equipment company that drives industry standards for muffler and exhaust system coatings.

 “It was a natural fit for our high-temperature R&D chemists to work in partnership with the specification engineers to meet the high performance standards for mufflers and exhaust components,” said Mark Forrest, President of Forrest Technical Coatings.

The INFERNEX line is formulated to meet the extreme temperature needs of the muffler, exhaust, incinerator and industrial silencer market. FORREST is also known for Stove Bright, a specialty high temperature coating for the wood, gas stove and barbeque market sold to manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

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