Diamond Vogel has introduced the latest advancement in low-VOC, easy-to-use finishes for woodwork, doors, frames and trim.

Twenty years ago, alkyd coatings, high in VOC and requiring solvent to clean up, were the standard for painting woodwork, doors, frames and trim. Latex coatings were reserved for wall surfaces as the overwhelming perception classified latex paint difficult to apply to smooth surfaces and not as durable as alkyd coatings. After advancements in acrylic resins in the late 1990s, acrylic latex enamels gradually became the de-facto standard for woodwork, doors, frames and trim. SureFlo builds on those advancements and surpasses the current acrylic enamels available in creating a beautiful, smooth and durable finish.

SureFlo acrylic latex enamel offers anti-sag properties and outstanding flow and leveling to create a smooth, silky finish when applying by brush, roller or spray. Available in both satin and gloss sheens, it is extremely low in VOC at less than 50 grams per liter, and paired with the company’s zero-VOC colorants, thousands of colors are possible with no additional VOC being added to the product. It is packaged in five-gallon, gallon and quart containers and is now available at local Diamond Vogel stores.

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