ARVADA, CO — The formulation for ECOBOND® LeadDefender®, a lead treatment with paint as the delivery mechanism, has been improved.  

“We are always striving to improve the quality of life and sustainability. We appreciate feedback, so thank you to our customers for helping us improve our eco-friendly environmental family of paint products,” said James Barthel, President and creator of ECOBOND.

Barthel continued, “The ability that our new resin gives to us allows for improvements beyond the capabilities that were possible with our previous resin. We didn’t want to lose any of the powerful lead treatment capabilities by providing a higher quality paint, but now, with our new resin, we have found that we have been able to make the improvements that were desired in the field without losing any of the treatment capabilities. This now provides improved product performance for application while maintaining the true lead-treating ability of the products.”

ECOBOND remains a “dry-hide” performing paint, and now provides better coverage and improved hiding capabilities while wet; and once dry, performs much like other high-quality latex paints ECOBOND LeadDefender seals and treats existing lead paint applications and controls the spread of airborne lead to reduce lead hazards. Learn more here.