MAIA, Portugal — CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the paint and varnish market, launched two new products to protect steel structures against fire. C-THERM S110 and C-THERM S111 FD are distinguished by their long fire resistance times, protecting structures up to 150 minutes. The technology present in the C-THERM range increases the safety of the structures, by postponing the time of collapse in case of fire, safeguarding lives and material goods.

The two new products in CIN's range of intumescent coatings are solvent-based coatings that, under the action of heat, produce a foam with very low thermal conductivity, giving them excellent insulating properties.

C-THERM S110 and C-THERM S111 FD are used by professionals in passive fire protection and are designed for application in the workshop or on site. Both CIN products are distinguished by their ease of application, high thickness per coat and high solids content. C-THERM S111 FD is also a fast drying solution.

According to João Luís Serrenho, General Director of Protective Coatings Business Unit at CIN, the new range of C-Therm intumescent products “reinforced this business area in the passive fire protection segment”. For Serrenho, it was mandatory that CIN Coatings, a centenary company fully committed to innovation and present in sectors such as industry and construction, “was involved in developing state-of-the-art products that can actually minimize the risk and impacts of a potential fire, allowing more time for the protection of people and property. ”