LONG BEACH, CA - Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. (SSE) is celebrating 20 years of providing pollution abatement technologies and services. The company, co-founded by President and CEO Anoosheh Oskouian in 2000, is now a global corporation employing approximately 90 people in the United States, Canada, China, Thailand, and India with additional teams in Europe and the Middle East.

Few problems surpass pollution in magnitude and impact. The World Health Organization estimates that 4.6 million people die annually of air pollution-based causes. SSE has tackled environmental issues one step at a time - first by earning the trust and partnership of local businesses, universities, and government agencies and then taking that experience abroad where it was needed most. During the early stages of SSE's involvement with air pollution control, they aided local air quality agencies with the development of rules and regulations that were favorable to the industry yet kept pollution in control. Today, China and various Asian markets remain in the direct need of help with pollution abatement, and SSE continues to work to offer clean air solutions, providing pollution abatement equipment and overall engineering support.

As an engineering company at heart, SSE continuously strives for innovative solutions to better cater to the industry. Wherever there is a need, the company finds a way to develop newer technologies to add to their product offerings. One of the company's earliest innovations were Smart 3-Can Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), which have a higher capability to destroy harmful VOCs while maintaining a higher thermal effectiveness than standard 2-Can designs. SSE's latest innovations regarded multiple-stage pollution removal, including scrubbers and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. Other SSE technologies span catalytic oxidizers, absorption systems, heat recovery and energy reduction solutions, and solvent recycling. Services tied to these technologies range across R&D, fabrication, customization, installation and aftermarket services.

While SSE's success is largely attributed to its energy-efficient pollution control systems and innovative design capabilities, aftermarket service and preventive maintenance continue to be an increasingly critical part of the company's offerings, especially around the time of this 20-year anniversary. By the spring of 2020, SSE heard from customers around the world that they needed support to ensure single-use plastics, sanitation products, food packaging, medical packaging and other essential businesses were operating at maximum production. SSE became an "essential business" and adapted accordingly to make sure that customers were always operating at optimum efficiency during the critical times of the COVID-19 pandemic. SSE increased in-house engineering support and even offered customers programs regarding controls upgrades and secure remote accessibility during social distancing to help them through the difficult months.

Especially during the pandemic, SSE's innovative nature pushed ahead. In July 2020, the company announced its Korozon System designed by its Ship & Shore Technologies subsidiary. Korozon integrates with a facility's HVAC systems to deliver decontamination and disinfection throughout a building. Years of research and studies have proven that the technology underlying Korozon is highly effective in neutralizing coronaviruses and thus able to help contain the risk of COVID-19 propagation.

"We saw that the world needed peace of mind to get back into normalcy after this pandemic, so we engineered and designed the Korozon systems to recirculate disinfected and clean air back into a room," said Oskouian. "Now more than ever, the world needs clean air solutions. Ship & Shore Environmental is always innovating to provide the public and environment with the best technologies possible, so everyone can enjoy a cleaner, safer world."