BIRMINGHAM, AL/HOUSTON – GrapheneCR (GCR) announced new supplier agreements with two more leaders in the advanced materials industry: protective coatings provider IA Coatings and graphene resins supplier Ressinea. 

“It is incredibly gratifying to work with the respected leaders in their fields like IA Coatings and Ressinea. Their expertise and know-how is astounding and to have them producing their amazing products with our ProCene graphene is just amazing. They are clearly the vanguard in developing commercial applications for graphene, so to see our material in their products like their Graphenoil lubricants and Ressinea epoxy resins - we just could not be more pleased. It is all very exciting,” said Mavi Figueres, President and Founder of GrapheneCR. 

Tracey Marquart, CEO of IA Coatings, said, “We’ve worked with several graphene suppliers, and GrapheneCR’s material is as good as anything we’ve seen. It has been easy to work with, it blends well with our formulations, and its performance is excellent. We are very pleased to work with GrapheneCR as a new preferred graphene supplier.”

“From our first tests using their ProCene graphene, we knew this was something special,” said Chris Clark, the Founder of Ressinea. “We only use top-tier materials in our resins so to have a graphene that performs this well is a great match for us. Add to that that it is manufactured here in the U.S., and that it’s environmentally friendly, and we have what we need to really push this technology to the fullest.”

GrapheneCR is the manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality ProCene® graphene powder and ProCNano® graphene nanoplatelets.