NEW YORK CITY — Graphene supplier and product manufacturer Nano Graphene Inc. (GrapheneCA) is adding a new breakthrough antimicrobial product to protect glass surfaces in public and private places from dangerous microorganisms. The company has developed a new graphene-improved ceramic-based coating with a built-in antimicrobial additive for protection of various types of glass for up to two years. The superhydrophobic coating constantly guards surfaces, which is particularly important in between regular cleaning cycles. Produced jointly with a global aerospace specialty coatings producer, the antimicrobial product is user friendly and easy to apply. Once applied, it dries within 20 minutes and is invisible to the human eye.

The coating is an ideal solution to use on glass doors, storefronts, and plexiglass protective shields at banks, shops, and offices, as well as in taxicabs and mass transit.

“GrapheneCA’s continuous efforts to help reduce surfaces contamination with dangerous pathogens resulted in developing of this antimicrobial coating. It provides an adequate protection for some of the most vulnerable surfaces like glass and other glass-type parts in common places,” said Sergey Voskresensky, COO at GrapheneCA.

Earlier this year GrapheneCA launched an online store, which now offers several advanced antimicrobial coatings, including Dr. Nano, Dr. Metal and Dr. Wall, which have been tested by an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory in accordance with ASTM E2180 protocols to determine antimicrobial activities of additives in polymeric materials. All GrapheneCA’s products are made in the United States.