BASINGSTOKE, UK — Trident Powders has introduced its Antimicrobial Powder range to help businesses and manufacturers respond to the pressures and requirements of COVID-19.

The Trident Powders Antimicrobial range minimizes the risk of transfer of bacteria, prevents bacterial from regrowth on a surface, helps prevent the spread of germs, and is eco-friendly and TGIC free.

Ideal for use in hospitals, care homes, schools, gyms, office buildings, public places and transport, the added protection against the spread of bacteria that Trident’s Antimicrobial Powder range offers is also key for items such as furniture and door handles to lab equipment and medical supplies.

Trident Powders offers a number of finishing effects for its Antimicrobial powder range, including smooth, textured and leatherette.

Trident Powders can color match, create and deliver bespoke antimicrobial powder and any of the company’s other made-to-order powders within three to five days. 

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