PPG SANISHIELD™ 3000/5000 is a two-part polyurea coating system for walls and ceilings in industrial environments where quick installation and easy maintenance are critical, such as food and beverage facilities.

An alternative to fiberglass and stainless-steel wall and ceiling systems, PPG SaniShield coating system fills minor cracks in the substrate material to enhance surface integrity and durability. It offers excellent gloss retention for a bright white surface.

“PPG SaniShield 3000/5000 coating system is an important extension of our polyurea-based coating line,” said Scott Doering, PPG Director of Sales, Protective and Marine Coatings, U.S. “We developed the system to address market demand for a flexible, easy-to-maintain wall and ceiling coatings system with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for food and beverage manufacturing facilities. It is especially good for tough-to-coat places like transition zones. As a complete basecoat and topcoat system, it offers contractors and end users the confidence that comes with PPG’s leading formulation expertise.”

Combining an aromatic polyurea high-build basecoat with an aliphatic polyurea topcoat, PPG SaniShield 3000/5000 system goes on thickly and cures quickly. It provides an ultraviolet-stable, easy-to-clean surface that has been tested to withstand the harsh chemicals found in common sanitizers and disinfectants. The coating is suitable for U.S. Department of Agriculture incidental food contact applications and flame resistant pursuant to the ASTM E-84 flame spread test, making it a Class A coating.

Other key features of PPG SaniShield 3000/5000 coating system include:

  • Fast cure for return-to-service in 18 hours after coating;
  • A smooth, high-gloss and bright finish;
  • High elongation to cover imperfections and limit caulking; and
  • A high-solids and ultra-low-VOC (less than 17 grams per liter) formulation.

PPG SaniShield 3000/5000 coating system is available in Canada, Mexico and the United States. For more information, visit ppgpmc.com/sanishield.