CHAGRIN FALLS, OH − Mar-Bal Inc., Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has recently merged its AltraSet Composite Technologies company with Lattice Composites, Riverside, California. The integrated merger will expand Mar-Bal’s composite technologies to now include Lattice’s customized epoxy chemistry systems, providing a unique materials portfolio of polyester and epoxy resin compounds.

The ISO 9001: 2015 Registered Mar-Bal provides customers with comprehensive thermoset composite solutions, including part design, specialized material formulations, decorating, assembly and customized automation. As a historical player in polyester- and vinyl ester resin-based BMC materials, the merger with Lattice will create new opportunities for epoxy-based products and material solutions for the composites industry. This next-level of essential advanced epoxy technologies and products will include (but is not limited to): SMC/BMC composite materials (carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced), filament winding resins, prepreg resin, bulk and film adhesives, and custom materials and process solutions.

Pulling its full scope of resources together, Lattice will be moving its advanced manufacturing equipment and experienced technical staff to Mar-Bal’s AltraSet Materials Division compounding facility in Chagrin Falls. Joining Mar-Bal’s VP of Materials Engineering, Larry Landis, will be Lattice founder and CEO, Ruchir Shanbhag, Director of Operations, Zach Melrose, and Process Engineer, Steve Stine.

According to Scott Balogh, President and CEO of Mar-Bal Inc., “This merger has created the world’s leading provider of composite materials solutions. We have the ability to custom design, formulate and manufacture a wide variety of composite materials to fit most any product application or manufacturing process. Our cultural alignment, common vision, values and customer-centric approach makes us a valued partner in the epoxy resin-based materials world.”