The Fastrip ISP paint-stripping system, designed by ALIT Technologies, allows the in-line stripping of hooks. Its modular design and the possibility of integrating it into existing production lines make the Fastrip ISP system the ideal solution for effective and efficient paint stripping in terms of both time and process costs.

Consisting of a horizontal tank, above which a rail runs for the in-line handling of hooks and frames intended for electrostatic coating operations, the Fastrip ISP system allows users to carry out paint stripping operations without removing the hooks from the chain. In fact, the hooks are immersed and move inside the paint-stripping bath for a variable time of about three minutes. Once out of the chemical bath, the hooks and frames are ready to be used in a new coating cycle.

Convenience and Flexibility

The modular design of Fastrip ISP can reach lengths of six meters, a capacity of two tons and a hook immersion depth of 30 cm. The system can be completed with a water rinse module to remove the residual paint stripping oil and an infrared lamp module for drying.

The active paint stripping solution should never be changed because the system is designed to be balanced: one product is used for forming the tank and one for feeding, while the stripping sludge is filtered by a filter press that produces a dry residue to be disposed of. The result is perfectly stripped hooks and frames with no chemical attack of the metals, even with light alloys, and improved electrostatic properties for a more effective coating process.

Fastrip ISP is a flexible paint-stripping solution that can be integrated into all production lines, offering significant savings in terms of energy consumption and process costs, without compromising the quality of the stripping results. It not only eliminates the necessity of manually removing the hooks from the chain but also the need to rely on a cleaning contractor. In addition to ensuring a reduction in the consumption of powder coatings, the Fastrip ISP system provides an easy-to-manage process, without the need for machine down time to clean the tank, thus also optimizing the work of the operators.

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