GARDEN CITY, NY — Specialty chemicals distributor Superior Materials Inc. has joined the JM Huber distribution and agency team responsible for selling Huber’s range of industrial-grade calcium carbonates to industry in the Northeast, New England and near Midwest regions, including Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Superior Materials President, Steven Kafka, commented, “The Superior Materials Inc. team is proud and honored to partner with an exemplary supplier of raw materials whose reputation is second to none.”

Matt O'Brien, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Huber Carbonates LLC, added, "An engaging and resilient distribution network plays an essential and integral role in the success of our Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) business. We greatly value our distributor partners, and they are selected for their successful track records of partnering with our sales and technical teams in providing innovative solutions for our customers. We look forward to partnering with Superior Materials for many years to come, as they're going to be a major asset to the continued success of our GCC business."