ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Color Marketing Group (CMG) recently announced its Global Color Forecast. The Key Colors for 2022 send a message of hope and renewal. For the first time, two regions selected yellow as the Key Color. Although different in chroma, they are both red-influenced and share the same level of brightness.

Asia Pacific selected Hope, a clear yellow with low chroma that exhibits optimism and renewal as the region, with the world, continues to emerge from the pandemic.

Europe selected Sunny Side Up, a soft, medium-chroma yellow shimmering light. It helps represent the empathetic and kind side of humanity.

Latin America selected Despertar, Spanish and Portuguese for awakening. An intense, saturated orange representing the power of the sun and nature’s strength. It symbolizes the emergent spirit of change and growth for the region.

North America selected New Day, a light, low-chroma, fresh blue with red influences. It conveys the classic connotation of hope and new beginnings, and suggests confidence and familiarity to greet 2022 with a sense of comfort.

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