PITTSBURGH – PPG Industries convened 23 of the company’s color experts, representing six color-oriented businesses across three global regions, to share color trend observations and insights for a variety of markets during the company’s annual weeklong workshop in New York City. 

As part of the meeting, PPG color experts engaged in interactive and dynamic workshops to discuss design trends, consumer preferences and priorities across each market as well as the role global, regional and cultural factors play in influencing customers. Attending color experts represented varied industries served by PPG including automotive, aerospace, architectural, consumer products, industrial and optical. 

The group focused on the power of color, best practices for color communication tools and how product innovations and technologies impact surface design. The workshop concluded with each expert contributing to a companywide trend forecast report used to help guide customers’ color-related choices. The perspectives of the participating color experts, most with 10 to 30 years of color planning and styling experience, will enrich the report, which will be released by PPG later this year. 

The workshop provided an unmatched opportunity to compare color trends and examine color’s use on a variety of surfaces and textures across markets and regions, allowing attending experts to analyze industry trend overlap and define companywide, global color forecasts for both short- and long-term applications. 

“The influence of color is often underestimated,” said Jane E. Harrington, North American Manager for Automotive Color Styling. “PPG’s expert color capability results from our unique ability to gather current macrotrends from across industries and regions to create palettes that best suit our customers.”