SANTA ANA, CA — BehrProSM, the professional products and services group of Behr Process Corp., has introduced its 2014 color trends forecast. BehrPro’s color predictions aim to help professionals in the commercial and residential painting, remodeling, building, and property management industries better serve their customers by identifying the most sought-after color choices and design styles. The four 2014 color themes presented by the program include 20 new paint colors.

The 2014 color palette showcases four trends that have been extensively researched and selected by the company’s color experts. The themes showcase revitalized neutrals that illustrate the warmth of wood and stonework.

Seaside Harmony is a cool palette that features blue-greens, warm peach and a crisp white. BEHR colors in this palette include Ocean Liner, South Peach, Miami Weiss, Edgewater and Sky Blue.

The Urban Alternative palette features deep browns, grays and an inviting shade of red. BEHR colors in the palette include Boho, Offbeat, Film Fest, Hipsterfication and Coffee Bar.

Grand Reign includes rich jewel tones that merge to capture the imagination in both masculine and feminine settings. Colors include Imperial Jewel, Coronation, Grand Soiree, Cloisonne Blue and Minuet Rose.

Natural Avocation features shades of green, red and yellow that complement neutral, darker tones. Colors include Arboretum, Archivist, New Shoot, Sunday Afternoon and Amaryllis.

To help professionals meet customer expectations, the BehrPro program provides a variety of color services, including custom color selection, pinpoint color matching, renderings of color on properties and color materials for any project need. Additionally, through factory tinting services, BehrPro representatives can match a desired shade quickly and precisely with the company’s database of more than 3,000 color formulas.