MINNEAPOLIS – The General Industrial Coatings division of Sherwin-Williams, through its DesignHouse, has published its second Color Trend Forecast. The forecast includes 21 colors, organized into three color collections that center around personas – Adapter, Alchemist and Advocate. Each persona and its corresponding color palette reflect an identity from the viewpoints of “me, we, us.”

“By personifying the color collections, our customers can draw parallels between their products and the global, cultural and societal trends that may impact them,” said Kiki Redhead, Global CMF & Trend Manager at Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse. “This year’s forecast looks at the concept of ownership at three levels of identity, which allows readers to observe a shifting focus from individual introspection to collective contemplation.”

Color trends from the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse are forward-looking, reflecting trends that will be active three to five years from now. The product development process can take years, thus establishing color trends in advance is critical to meeting OEM and consumer expectations.

“The Color Trend Forecast can be a powerful tool for our industrial, product and CMF design customers,” said Redhead. “It empowers them to get ahead of the product development process and differentiates their products in their markets.”

The Adapter, Alchemist and Advocate collections are inspired by culture, economy, environment, ethics, government, humanity, society, science, technology, engineering, wellbeing, transparency, uncertainty and trust.

Own Color Trend Forecast

Adapter: A human-centered collection that embraces modification and adaptability, the colors shift to accentuate their surroundings. Sophisticated metallics that move through light – natural and artificial – morph from soft organic green to virtual violet. The clean sparkle of white ignites new existence. Balanced by the unfailing authenticity of navy, these colors personify technology and science, exposing their ability to be filtered or semi-transparent, real or illusory.

Alchemist: Organic hues, centered around the hyper-local surroundings of “rurban” communities, combine cooperative colors that represent nature and nurture, compassion and unity. Corten steel, brick and clay tones are reminiscent of old factory buildings, barns, and small-town, downtown retail shops. Golden harvest hues and grassy green pay tribute to the cultivation and sharing of food. These community-centered colors embody a collective good, living in harmony with one another.

Advocate: A living, life-centered collection thrives at the intersection of humanitarian and environmental causes. Cool, fluid, water-like colors symbolize conservation and preservation. Burning flames of neon red-orange light the fire to fight for what is right, leaving ash in its wake, transitioning to reformation and renewal. Anchored by equality and rooted in uncertainty, the colors run deep, dark and into the unknown, but light fresh colors liken a new life. 

To download the Color Trends Forecast from Sherwin-Williams, visit http://designhouse.sherwin.com.