MINNEAPOLIS – The General Industrial Coatings division of Sherwin-Williams, through its DesignHouse, has released Perspectives, the third edition of its industrial color trend forecast. The report emphasizes three forward-looking color collections, active 3-5 years from now, meant to inform and inspire industrial and CMF designers. Unlike previous volumes of the report, Perspectives features input from external experts to stay true to its overarching theme.

Collaborators include Peggy Van Allen, President of Color Marketing Group; Paul Haney, Industrial Design Director at General Electric Appliances; Karl Bertilsson, Creative Director at NCS Colour; and Cathy Hackl, Tech Futurist & Metaverse Growth Strategist. Each professional provides a unique point of view, diversifying interpretations of this year’s color collections and macro-level themes.

“Trend forecasting is a combination of science and art,” said Kiki Redhead, Global CMF & Trend Manager at Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse. “After everything that’s happened throughout the last 18 months, we wanted to provide well-rounded context surrounding that duality because science and art directly influence society and the choices consumers make. By including futurists, industrial designers and color experts, customers can hear varying perspectives that support the importance of color trend forecasting.”

Examined through the lens of time, this year’s macro themes are Pause & Rewind, Push Play and Fast Forward. Each theme includes seven colors inspired by various sets of global, cultural and societal catalysts that range from consumerism and spirituality to evolution and technology.

Pause & Rewind

The familiar is felt in Pause & Rewind. Influences like history and connection capture memories of family, food, stories and tradition that spark feelings of nostalgia.

Push Play

Stirred by physical and mental wellness, Push Play highlights the fluidity and versatility of nature. Bold shades mixed with grounding earth tones embody a craved optimism and connection.

Fast Forward

Humanity and technology evolve together in Fast Forward. These spaces collide through powerful color shifting hues and multidimensional effects that bridge the gap between the physical and ethereal world.

Discover the entire collection of colors by downloading the Color Trends Forecast.