ITASCA, IL/LOVELAND, OH – NAGASE Specialty Materials NA LLC (NSM) and Sirrus Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement to market and sell Sirrus’ CHEMILIAN™ and FORZA™ lines of methylene malonate monomers and oligomers. The partnership will initially focus on developing applications and markets for these materials but will then concentrate on sales and distribution of these products as production assets come online.

Sirrus is an Ohio-based technology leader in the field of methylene malonate chemistry and holds significant intellectual property focused on the design, production, and use of methylene malonate monomers and oligomeric crosslinkers that can undergo both radical and anionic polymerization at ambient temperatures.

The partnership represents a significant addition to NSM’s already robust portfolio of specialty chemical solutions for its customers. The Illinois-based NAGASE Group anticipates Sirrus’ products will appeal strongly to its customers in energy-curable, 3D printing and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) markets.

“Nagase Specialty Materials is driven by the commitment to give its customers access to the most advanced and innovative technologies,” said JP Masson, Business Development Director, NSM. “We are excited to enter into this partnership with Sirrus, as their team has developed a technology that is truly groundbreaking and will allow a new direction in UV-cured, 3D printing and CASE applications”.

Alan Brewer, Vice President of Commercial Strategy, Sirrus, said, “This partnership is a great opportunity to expand our methylene malonates into new and target markets. I’m excited to work with NAGASE on taking our commercialization efforts to the next level.”

NAGASE Specialty Materials is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and manufacturer of chemical products, serving industries that include the coatings industry. NAGASE Specialty Materials is part of NAGASE Group, a public company with $8 billion in annual revenue.

Founded in 2009, Sirrus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Shokubai, a global chemical company based in Japan and leading supplier of monomers, functional chemicals, and polymer catalysts.