PHILADELPHIA — Coatings manufacturer Axalta announced its 2021 Global Automotive Color of the Year – ElectroLight, which is a refreshing green-yellow hue with inspired bold, contemporary flavors that echo style, energy and flair.

The unique personality of ElectroLight evokes a blend of sporty design elements with functional performance and offers versatility when combined with two-tone charcoal color accents or matte finishes on a variety of mobility solutions. Axalta reports that ElectroLight is formulated with reflective properties that make it highly visible to light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems, while its layer structure and pigment content are easily transmissible by radio detection and ranging (radar) systems.

"Offering innovative products that are ahead of the curve is what we live and breathe every day at Axalta," said Hadi Awada, a Senior Vice President at Axalta. "ElectroLight is another step toward illuminating a path for a green future for all type of vehicles, including autonomous vehicles. Formulated with mobility-sensing technology, ElectroLight combines a passion for individualization with coating science into a functional, expressive and dynamic color."

Fully autonomous vehicles are closer than ever to becoming a reality and will increasingly rely on LiDAR and radar technology to see and interact with the world around them. According to Axalta, ElectroLight meets industry safety standards and improves the performance of both types of systems, making it a standout color option in both trend and technology.

While Axalta's 2020 Global Automotive Color Popularity Report shows that white remains the most frequently purchased automotive color globally, interest in automotive colors with a more customized and personalized look are becoming increasingly desired by consumers. Green has influenced both blue and yellow color palettes within today's vehicle market trends, driving colors into a more eco-centric theme. This includes Sea Glass – a green-shade of blue and Axalta's 2020 Global Automotive Color of the Year – and now ElectroLight – a yellow-shade of green.

"Our 2021 color evokes sustainability, happiness and safety. ElectroLight is at the forefront of today's color trends, while anticipating emerging technology advances," said Nancy Lockhart, Global Product Manager of Color at Axalta. "Consumers are looking for a breakout color and ElectroLight manifests this, while bringing a progressive approach to automotive styling and design."

Axalta works to continue to provide innovative color choices for automotive buyers and refinishers that are on the leading edge of design and create conceptual colors that are aesthetically and functionally beneficial to vehicle surfaces. Visit for more information on ElectroLight.