Axalta Coating Systems announced its 2023 Global Automotive Color of the Year – Techno Blue. This is the 9th year the company has featured a trending color. Axalta says its 2022 Automotive Color Trends ‘Powered by Color’ highlights the generational trends, changing reality, and positive outlook that shaped this 2023 selection.

The company says Techno Blue is a pulsating color that is right on beat with the rhythm of today’s lively energy. The modern, whimsical shade also embodies the transition from the real to virtual world. Techno Blue is formulated for various coating solutions, and enriches the already diverse Axalta color palette.

“This year’s color is vibrant and radiates positivity,” said Hadi Awada, senior vice president, Global Mobility at Axalta. “Techno Blue is a bold contrast to the luxurious Royal Magenta, Axalta’s 2022 Color of the Year, shifting people’s mindsets towards futuristic thinking. I’m proud that our Mobility team continues to drive trends throughout the automotive industry.”

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